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The National Catholic Schools Academic Junior High Decathlon (or AJHD) strives to cultivate academic talents, collaboration and organization, and celebrate them in the context of spirit-filled competition.


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A big thank you to St. Augustine High School in San Diego for producing a short marketing video for the Academic Junior High Decathlon. They have been a host for the last several years of the Diocese of San Diego event. Check it out here:

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What is the Catholic Academic Junior High Decathlon?

  • The Academic Junior High Decathlon is a one-day competition for Catholic School students in grades 6-8. This year the event will be in-person where available and online/virtual for schools not in the vicinity of an in-person event.
  • Schools register online – 2 options – 1. with 10 students on a team participating in the full day, or 2. with 1-5 students competing in Individual Subject tests only as a POD (Part of Decathlon)
  • There are 10 events:
    • Two are collaborative team efforts – a Logic Quiz with 20 rigorous thinking problems, and a Super Quiz with 50 multiple choice questions on five broad academic themes.
    • The remaining eight events test individual knowledge of the Roman Catholic doctrine, English, Literature, Science, Mathematics, Current Events, Social Studies, and Fine Arts (Art and Music).
  • Topics for these events are available on a Resource List in October.
  • Study Guides (practice tests and guidance) are available for purchase separately, also in October.
  • Awards are given for individual and team performance, and the winning school team from each geographic arch/diocese, and winners of individual subject tests competes in a National championship which is held shortly after the main competition.


The Catholic Schools Academic Decathlon was founded in September of 1989 by Dr. Mark Ryan who was then a junior high teacher at St. Aloysius School in south-central Los Angeles. Dr. Ryan had a vision for an academic event to parallel the athletic competitions so prevalent in schools. What began as a tiny competition involving a handful of schools from the greater Los Angeles area has grown to become a statewide event involving Catholic junior high students from across the United States.

The Decathlon is under the guiding jurisdiction of the California Catholic State Superintendents Curriculum Committee (CCSSCC).

Participating Dioceses:

Participating Dioceses