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Details for the Registration process:

Once again, there will be TWO options for Registration:

Option 1 is registering a team of up to 10 students that participate in the full day, including the Logic Test, Individual Subject Tests and Super Quiz. Fee: $250

Option 2 is registering 1-5 students to each take an Individual Subject Test only. Option 2 allows micro-schools or schools that want to see what the Academic Decathlon is about and participate without committing to a full team and all events. (No more than 1 student per subject) Fee: $150

You may register more than one team per school, but they must all be registered as teams (Option 1).

  1. Complete the ONLINE FORM
  2. Mail payment
  3.  Head coach will receive email confirmation once registration is complete
  4. Coaches/Principals – Register for the National Basecamp if you’re not already a member

A limited number of Scholarships are available – please email to apply. Include your school name, arch/diocese and contact information

The Resource List (list of books and topics for the subjects) for the 2023 event will be available in mid-October on this website.

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